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Norfolk eminent domain and real estate law firm serving Virginia since 1930.

  • Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson, P.C.
  • Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson, P.C.

Knowledgeable Real Property Lawyers Assisting Clients

Established Virginia firm helps with eminent domain cases and transactions

As a law firm serving Virginians since 1930, Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson, P.C. is committed to serving the legal needs of the Hampton roads communities and surrounding areas. Our experienced attorneys work with clients to acquire and protect their property. Whether you’re facing the possibility of an eminent domain condemnation, looking to acquire land, or administering a trust or estate, we use every legal tool at our disposal to preserve what’s rightfully yours. Our attorneys make sure that our clients are not intimidated by powerful interests or complicated legal procedures. We know that the outcome of real estate matters can significantly affect your family’s future. You can count on us, a trusted leader in the local legal community, to give you the strongest likelihood of success.

Dedicated attorneys with a reputation built over more than 85 years

Through many eras and changes, Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson continues to serve Virginians because we are and always have been:

  • Respected within the community — Our lawyers have been recommended and praised by clients and colleagues alike. Part of the reason we have endured for more than eight decades is that we welcome the responsibility of serving the Norfolk and Virginia Beach communities and improving the lives of its residents.
  • Focused on results — From the start of each matter, Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson takes a hands-on approach to our clients’ issues and follows a strategic plan to obtain a favorable result.
  • Dedicated to individualized attention — As many firms become more automated and impersonal, we are small enough to work closely with each client so that we can deliver solutions that satisfy their specific goals.

No matter how difficult your circumstances might seem, we can find a creative solution to help meet the needs of you and your family.

Straightforward counsel to protect your land and assets

At Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson, we understand that honest advice is the best way to assist clients in every specific area in which we practice, including:

  • Eminent domain — If your property is threatened by an eminent domain proceeding, immediate action might be required. We have the experience to defend your rights under federal and Virginia law.
  • Real estate transactions — For any type of real estate transaction, Kellam, Pickrell, Cox & Anderson provides detailed advice to help you understand and satisfy each legal requirement.
  • Trust and estate administration — Our attorneys serve as trust and estate administrators to carry out each responsibility in a professional, efficient manner.
  • Civil litigation — In any type of civil litigation dispute, we are diligent advocates who help clients pursue successful outcomes.

Legal challenges can be unsettling, but we have the skill and experience to help you proceed confidently.

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